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Hello there! Thank you for visiting my photography site. I'm an ER/Trauma nurse originally from Akron, Ohio but moved out to Los Angeles in the summer of 2016. I actually came out here for music, as I am a singer/songwriter and keyboard player (check out my band Sancat). However, I must have inhaled the creative Kool-Aid in the Hollywood air because somewhere along the way, photography exploded out from nowhere and changed the course of my career.  A friend sold me a camera and in August of 2017, I did my first photoshoot. Since then, photography quickly spiraled upward and has basically become my main obsession and passion. I love everything about it. I love the art of composition, manipulating light, working with people and collaborating with others to create the best images possible. I love empowering my clients, whether it be with engaging head shots for an upcoming role audition, or promo lifestyle photos for their Instagram followers. I am also humbled and inspired when I work with local businesses that have so much pride and commitment in their products or services. 


My commitment is to you, in that I strive to go beyond what others provide. I do not believe in bare minimum, nor will I give you any images that I did not put 100% into. If you need photographs, I want you to be happy with the results! Please look through my site and drop me an email :-)